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The relentless struggle against COVID-19, which threatens the health of societies around the world, and which has been given by world health workers and authorities for a while; As Peninsula Group Hotels Family, we have taken all our measures in line with the circulars and recommendations of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the World Health Organization (WHO), saying YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY IS IMPORTANT TO US.
In this context; By our Pandemic and Hygiene Board, which we created from authorized and expert people; All the systems necessary to ensure the sustainability of all the measures we take have been made ready in our hotel, and within the scope of the measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, we constantly follow the opinions of the relevant official and expert authorities and ensure that all necessary measures are implemented in an up-to-date manner.
During your stay in our hotel, to act in accordance with the information specified in this guide; In order to protect both your own health and the health of our other guests staying at our hotel with you and our employees serving you, we ask you to comply.
Guest Acceptance
* The temperature of our guests is measured with a non-contact temperature measuring device during their check-in and during their stay.
* To the guest who shows suspicion of illness, T.C. The protocols specified by the Ministry of Health will be implemented and our guests showing the relevant symptoms will be directed to health institutions by taking the necessary precautions.
* T.C. A form containing the questions requested by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be filled, and written information will be given about the measures and practices taken at the hotel.
* During the registration process to our hotel, the pen, form and the door cards that are delivered afterwards are presented to our guests in a pre-disinfected condition.
* The suitcases will be disinfected within the framework of the necessary hygiene rules during the entrance to the hotel. Upon request, it will be delivered safely to our guests' room doors.
Our Guest Rooms
* All guest rooms will be disinfected with fogging machines after cleaning according to hygiene standards and maximum hygiene will be provided. After these procedures, your room will be delivered to you as "first user".
* The amenities (soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, etc.) in your room are single-use and cannot be used by anyone other than you.
* The used room will be given to the new guest at least 12 hours later.
* Daily cleaning of your room is done by our staff using masks and disposable gloves.
* After being disinfected, the water left in your minibar is placed on the shelf and stored safely.
Our staff
* Regular health checks of all our personnel are carried out, and periodic information is obtained in order to monitor the people they live with in terms of COVID-19.
* All of our staff have received special training on epidemic, hygiene and immunity.
* All of our staff; During the entrance and exit of the hotel, temperature measurements are made and these measurements are reported and records are kept.
* All our staff; uses personal protective equipment (such as masks, surgical masks, gloves, visors) suitable for the workplace, guests and environment contact.
* In all our personnel areas, as in general usage areas, the social distance rule is followed, there are disinfectants at the points they can always access, hygiene standards and practices are carried out in the same way and meticulously.
General Usage Areas & Meeting Rooms
* Cleaning of all areas is carried out with appropriate frequency by using disinfection materials in accordance with the standards according to the quality of the surface* In our hotel; We are working with a solution partner company that is internationally known for chemical cleaning products. A correct cleaning process is applied by the company to all our personnel on digital platforms and in physical environments, using the appropriate cleaning agent for each area, with detailed training given at regular intervals.
* Restaurants, meeting hall, lobby, reception area and sales units, pool area and all general usage areas including sun lounger groups on the beach have been arranged in accordance with the social distance plan; Necessary measures regarding social distance have been taken and necessary markings have been made.
* A sufficient number of photocell disinfectant apparatuses have been placed in all general areas and at the entrances of meeting rooms.
* Surfaces that are in contact with hands, such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, electric buttons, pos device, television remote control, telephone, towel card, room card or key, water heaters in rooms, are frequently cleaned with disinfectant and recorded.
* You can use the elevators with the people you are staying with in the same room. If there is another guest in the elevator who is not staying with you, please go to the next 
wait for the elevator. Instead of using the elevator for nearby floors, you can also use the stairs.
* Pay maximum attention to maintaining social distance while moving within the facility. Obey the signs posted by the hotel management.

Food & Beverage Services
* There are photocell disinfectant apparatuses at the entrance of the restaurant.
* In our hotel, there are hygiene barriers, sterilization devices, necessary tools and equipment for hand and body hygiene in food production and kitchen areas.
* The cleaning and hygiene of the areas associated with the kitchen, all kinds of equipment used in the kitchen, countertops and storage areas are provided regularly.
* All foods are stored in closed cabinets or covered. In order to prevent cross-contamination, foods prepared with unprocessed foodstuffs are stored separately from each other in the kitchen. Also, no foodstuffs come into contact with the ground.
* In our food and beverage service units, the distance between tables is 1.5 meters, and the distance between chairs is 60 cm.
* Our buffets are surrounded by glass and food will be served by our staff using masks and gloves.
* Our tablecloths will be changed after each guest, and disposable salt, pepper and forks, knives and spoons that have been washed and packaged at high temperatures will be used on the tables.
Swimming Pools & Spa and Beach
* The chemical rate used in the pools is used in accordance with the legal disinfection amount and the pools are regularly disinfected with chemicals at these rates and recorded.
* All sun loungers at the poolside and on our beach are arranged according to the social distance rule and are regularly disinfected during the day.
* Pool and beach towels will be placed in our guest rooms by our responsible staff.

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